Why we exist as an organisation

The idea behind Faiths Together in Croydon (FTiC) is to bring together community minded members of all major faith groups; to share common concerns and to find solutions to them, talk to one another and acknowledge each other, the dangers that the world faces today and how we can contribute to moving things on.




The primary guiding principle adopted by Faiths Together in Croydon Is:   RESPECT!

Respect - There are many paths to truth. We don't have to agree. We can challenge. But we can only communicate and grow if we respect each other's opinions.

Education - Good learning creates understanding, overcomes prejudice and opens the gates of dialogue. We are here to teach and to learn, not to convince or convert.

Safety - A safe environment allows everyone to share with confidence. Help create one around you and watch everyone flourish.

Perspective - Long journeys start with small steps and eyes lifted to the horizon.

Empathy - When we try to see the world through other people's eyes, we open our own.

Celebration - We're all different and that makes us special - so let's bring our differences to the party!

Tolerance - An open mind and an open heart lead to a place where big ideas can be explored patiently and creatively.

Do you or your faith community want to take part in activities and discussions on how the people of Croydon can continue to live in harmony?

Then contact us      FTiCroydon@gmail.com