Peace event outcomes

What Is Peace?

According to the people that came to our Interfaith week event in 2016 it is;

Patience; Tolerance; a tranquil mind; Harmony between faiths; Truth and Justice; Consideration of feelings; living and working together and caring for each other.

Peace means faiths all working together and making justice and equality; Love, care and Harmony; Peace is when you are not being shot at; respect others and their faith. Create harmony within oneself;

No matter what race or colour you are: Cooperation: Actively challenging injustice where ever it exists: Happiness: The effect of love, tranquility, Good Order: Smile at all: A chance to plan a future: Peace of mind and prosperity: Peaceful Co-existence: Joining with others in happiness, free from fear: 

Community well-being: Living in Harmony: Smile when greeting: Harmony: Collaboration: Safety: Acceptance: Gift and Task: FLUMP; Peace is when you live your life in harmony with other beings (animals, plants, environment) trash negative thoughts and be positive and Do Not Cause War; Temperament, patience, contentment. 


What are the Building Blocks of Peace?

Concern for others visiting hospitals, concern about patients, visit the sick at home and help them. Reform the GP System.

God is at the centre of our life and we are all his children. Understanding others beliefs. 

Non-Interference. Celebrating differences. Mutual respect. Support others. Be focused on your conviction.

We determine peace by projecting our inner peace. Self-reflection based on religion and self-independence. Peace connects with community cohesion and togetherness. Isiah: ‘swords beaten into plough shares’.

Tolerance, will, understanding, shared values, respect, forward thinking, forgiveness, listening, empathy, education and exposure.

Human rights, availability of justice, poverty is a kind of violence. Something to work on, it is hard work. Mutual Respect, care for each other and differences. Different minds coming together for the common good.

Pray together, RE in school, ask forgiveness, admit crimes or wrong doing. Appreciate each other’s religions. Leaders to pray in silence together. The Spirit of god.