Charity Walk for Peace

Sunday 19 September 2021

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community invites you to a short Charity Walk for Peace, starting from their mosque on St James’s Road in Croydon.

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This is the first walk in two years due to the Pandemic. While it will be a local event, it will be part of the National Charity Walk for Peace, as all regions of the United Kingdom will be taking part at the same time and on the same day.

They have been holding the Charity Walks since the 1980. They have been growing as the years have gone on, and they celebrate the tremendous work done tirelessly by hundreds of charities and NGOs up and down the country. 

What the Charity Walk highlights is the enduring love for humanity by all charities and NGOs, and that is why they endeavour to support as many charities as we can. Last year was the first time that they were unable to support any charity financially due to the pandemic. The 19th September will mark the first tentative step, in once again raising funds to help the Community at large.

This year they will be honouring the armed and emergency services, especially the NHS. All the Services work to keep us safe and well and they have noted how closely they have worked during the pandemic. As an example, the Fire Services driving ambulances at the height of the pandemic. We cannot thank or honour them all enough for putting their lives in danger in helping us stay safe.

I do hope you and your teams will spare the time to support and join in on the Charity Walk. Let’s all join together to celebrate and highlight the amazing work of all the charities in our communities. Let us wear their T-shirts and get sponsorships on their behalf. Let us show that we are ONE community working together for the benefit of everyone.

We of the Ahmadiyya Community do this because of the

LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE that is our moto and is embedded on our hearts.

Baitul Subhan Mosque, 59 St. James Road
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