The British Red cross is currently running Community Resilience workshops and are recruiting volunteers. 

Resilient communities are better prepared to respond when an emergency arises (fire, floods, power outages, etc) and recover without long-lasting negative impacts.  Some of the core elements of community resilience include engagement, awareness, co-operation, local knowledge, community networks, communication, health and resources. 

Elizabeth Ash, Croydon Communities Consortium, has attended a couple of these and found them very welcoming, useful and engaging.  Katharine Hill, the British Red Cross Community Resilience Officer, who is running these initial workshops is particularly keen to reach out to everyone in our diverse Croydon community so that she can gather their views.  The workshops also seek to gather information on existing networks and support structures in Croydon.  This includes our diverse faith communities.  The aim is to engage as many voices as possible to discuss a vision for a resilient Croydon and to help shape the Croydon Resilience Programme moving forwards . 

Do book a place on the workshops to find out more.  Elizabeth is also very happy to speak with anyone interested in learning more about her experiences of attending the workshops.  Email Elizabth at 

The next workshop in Croydon takes place on 4th December - book here