AbdulBasit Syed is an entrepreneur and social activist working towards integrating all communities irrespective of race or religion for a peaceful coexistence.  He does this by promoting interfaith dialogues to all communities to express themselves as British citizens regardless of their origin, culture, or religion, aiming to establish a universal trend of equality of all human beings regardless of their race or religion.

Abdul, the grandson of freedom fighter PKS Kattuwa Mohaiyadeen who was known for his social activities and community services, was inspired to become involved in blood donation campaigns bringing peace and harmony among people cutting across communal lines.

It all started when he first witnessed an incident involving a British soldier Lee Rigby wherein he played a proactive role to bring in peace and harmony among various sectors of the community thereby putting an end to it. He won laurels from Britishers for his active involvement in social service to be chosen as 'Ambassador for Peace' by Universal Peace Federation (UPF), for his sincere and selfless efforts in restoring peace across the globe and for his successful involvement in the promotion of peace and eradication of radicalisation and violence in Britain. In a step further he was conferred with Radicalisation Advisor to UPF, UK. Moreover Basit was known for promoting interfaith integration within communities in UK. His visit to Delhi for the BRICS Alliance Business Forum (BRICS the association of 5 major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Afria) fetched him Social Service Peace Award along with British politician Lord Diljit Singh Rana MBE member of the House of Lords.

His passion towards establishing peace among all humans made him established 'World Humanitarian Drive' (WHD) which promotes various aspects and needs and supports humanitarian distress and disasters across the world. He also works closely in collaboration with other organisations who are actively involved in similar humanitarian activities. He is  also the vice president of AID Club and Space Kidz India. As mentioned above he was inspired to initiate the idea of this charity following the murder of a British Solider Lee Rigby in Greenwich. WHD has made huge strides in this field and made important links with Faith Leaders other charities and Government organiations across the world to combat violence extremism and radicalisation and to promote peace through Education Sports Arts and Media and instill humanistic values in our community particularly amongst the youth who are the most vulnerable.

Abdul is also a member of the FTiC steering group committee.