The National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF) are encouraging churches and the wider community to engage with the issues of youth violence and knife crime as well as committing to come up with effective and creative ways to support young people and provide opportunities for them to flourish.

They have issued the above (a 10 point action plan to tackle knife crime and support young people) download and read it here.

13:54, 13 Mar 2019 by Carole Short

Hyderi together with other mosques and Islamic Centres throughout the country will be holding their Open Days in March this year.

Hyderi Islamic Centre at 26 Estreham Rd, SW16 5PQ will be holding its Open Day this year on Sunday 17 March 2019 from 10 am to 2pm.

Details of other centres who may be holding this event can be found on the following website -

Everyone who wishes to learn about Islam or their local Muslim community or just fancies a cup of tea/coffee and samosas/cakes/pakoras etc are welcome!

14:57, 04 Feb 2019 by Carole Short

The Co-op has kindly nominated Woodside Bereavement Service as one of its local charities until September 2019 and individuals can help by simply following these EASY STEPS:

  • If you are already a Co-Op member, go to and select Woodside Bereavement Service and 1% of all you spend on Co-op branded items for the next 12 months will go to the charity.
  • If you are not a Co-Op member, get a temporary card for £1 next time you visit the Co-op and register it at You will then get a permanent card and can then follow the steps above.

It's as easy as that to make a difference without having to give up your time or money!

A big THANK YOU from all those we support.

14:35, 01 Feb 2019 by Carole Short