At the recent Eid event we met a Christian man from Belgium called Luc. He has spent the last six and a half years researching all over the world into the Muslims who fought in the First world war.

He was extremely interesting to talk to and his book, which is the result of his research, is absolutely beautiful. There is an exhibition in Hammersmith at the moment which is going to Glasgow and on a world tour in the next few months. His website is and it is well worth having a look at it.

He started to investigate this subject because he read his grandfathers diaries, from the war, and read about the many men of different faiths, including Muslims, who were clearly fighting together and were very friendly. He also told us he had found out how the chaplains from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths all carried the Torah, The Qu ‘ran and The Bible with them so they could comfort any soldier, of what ever faith, they came upon in the battlefields.

As you may have seen, we have been trying to source an exhibition ourselves on the same subject, as we feel it is so important that people realise that all faiths fought together in the wars helping to win. This has also been highlighted recently on the television and radio as people begin to realise that there are many forgotten heroes that have not been honoured in the past.

We have not found enough material for the week long exhibition we planned and also this would involve too much man power. So, as you will see in a separate advertisement we will be holding an evening event on 28th November with a local historian talking on the subject.

Penny Smith-Orr
Chair: FTiC 10.11.18