South London Interfaith group had a successful zoom on Black Lives matter to mark Black History month.  Juney Muhammad, Community Development Services Manager for Mental Health - South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust who runs excellent online courses asked us to identify 4 Black figures and asked us to identify Frederick Douglass, Nat Turner, the young man who attacked a Black church and Martin Luther King. This led to many interesting comments about colonisation leading to the destruction of habitats and peoples, slavery, Harriet Tubman, indigenous spirituality and the need to recognise God in all creation and in everyone. Do we care about black lives?  and this led to a lively discussion.

The group will continue to hold zooms and focus on Black lives matter. 

The group marked the sacrifice of BAME soldiers and civilians in our annual remembrance service on Sunday Nov 15th

On Thursday November 26th meeting at 13.00 hours,  Dr. Chris Hewer will speak on "Husayn and the struggle for Justice".

On Sunday Dec 6 there will be a zoom to mark Milad, Advent, Hannukah and Diwali. 

John Woodhouse. Chair South London Interfaith Group 21.11.20