The Good Grief Trust is the UK's leading umbrella bereavement charity, bringing all services together under the one umbrella.  Our charity spearheaded the UK's first National Grief Awareness Week in 2019, working with our All Party Parliamentary Group on Bereavement Support, hundreds of UK charities, bereavement support services and individuals affected by grief. 

This year above any before, there is a need to raise awareness of the impact of grief on a national platform in the light of the Covid19 pandemic.  NGAW20 will be a time of reflection and a time for us all to come together on a national platform. Many of those bereaved through this pandemic have felt alone, isolated in their grief throughout the months of lockdown.    

8th December - 6pm

On the final day of the campaign - 8th December at 6pm - we will be lighting the Central Dome at St. Paul's Cathedral yellow and with NGAW branding.  

This illumination will be broadcast live on the BBC

Many other buildings across the country, including Media City UK, Town Hall, Cathedrals, Lighthouses and bridges will be joining us, as a beacon of hope to all those in need of help.   

Please help us by lighting your building yellow in solidarity for all those bereaved across the UK.

More information regarding the campaign can be found here -