On a cold dark winterish evening at 7pm on Thursday 25th October over 185 people turned up specially to attend the All Faiths Mayor of Croydon's Eid Reception at the Town Hall. This was a 1st and well worth the effort by all the participants as this was one of the BIGGEST Eid Celebrations ever held inside the town hall. This was an occasion that brought all the good work that has taken years to achieve, to bring people and organisations together to show how we Do, Can & Have made a great difference by just meeting each other to get to know one another's beliefs and cultures and saying 'Hi'.

Many Diverse communities from all religions and walks of life attended and everyone was thrilled by the different religious speakers, including the Imam from Carshalton, Fr Kyrillos of the Coptic Church and Bishop Jonathan of Croydon, who had the same message of Peace and Togetherness.
Everyone there agreed it was such a success that we should do more community led cultural events like this to keep the momentum going. We were even on C44 News SKY channel 767 UK & Europe.

Together we are Stronger & We have Much more in common than that which divides us