Uni Tips ‘22 

It’s almost time for university admissions to begin again. The race for places hots up by midyear and actual classes start in September. If you or someone you know is starting a university programme this year or thinking along those lines, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind… 


  • University (or shall we just say ‘uni’) can be fun. There is so much to explore and to enjoy. But don’t get carried away: set aside time for study, sleep and relaxation. Also remember to eat properly and try to make your money go far. Uni can be quite a financial strain. 

  • For most courses, uni involves lots of essay writing. However, there’s a special way essays need to be written if you want to do well at uni. The problem is, they don’t teach you that at uni: you are expected to know it – at least the basics. So, you must continually work on your English language skills – especially, formal English. Learn to write in academic style and you’ll be fine. 

  • You’ll meet lots of new faces at uni – and some of them will make great friends. But don’t forget to choose your friends wisely. Some friends can really make a great difference in how well or poorly you perform at uni. The great thing about most friends at uni is that in almost all cases, it’s not too hard to figure out what kind of person each one is (e.g. nerd, party animal, loner, etc.). So, keep alert – and, as an ancient text says: Don’t let anyone mislead you. 

  • Take responsibility for your own learning. At uni, there are no prefects or teachers to tell you what you should do. You are expected to manage yourself independently – and this includes managing your time and your studies on your own, without waiting for someone to tell you how or when. 

  • Use the library. Uni libraries are a different world from what you might be used to at your local library. Aside from stocking more up-to-date books in a far wider range across numerous fields and genres, uni libraries usually have small rooms which you can use for private study. You might have to book, though. Most uni libraries are open till late and in some cases, twenty-four hours. Yes – all day and all night. In addition, uni staff are trained to help you with the research skills and resources you might need for your essays. University libraries also routinely organise programmes or short courses that help you develop the academic skills you need. 

  • If you wish to practice your faith – or explore a different one far away from the probably disapproving eyes of your family and other familiar people, there is no better place to try this than uni. Not only is the culture of most unis relaxed and liberal, but universities usually have chapels and places of prayer, as well as lots of lush greenery and open spaces where you can be in touch with your spiritual side. 

  •  Seek help if you need it. Universities actively discourage discrimination, so don’t worry that anyone will make you feel bad if you ask for help. No matter which uni you are attending, you will find that there are so many different kinds of help on offer. This includes but does not stop at: academic skills, counselling and wellbeing, disability support, hardship, welfare and so on. Take full advantage of everything on offer if you feel you need to – after all, you’re paying thousands in tuition and it’s all covered in your fees. It’s also a great idea to get in touch with your Student Union. Also, remember to learn about some of the uni’s most important documents such as various policies, module guides and rules for seeking extension (that is, extra time) if you feel you are unable to submit your work by the deadline you may have been given. 


Good luck with uni this year and all the way!