International Women’s Day Celebrations by Croydon Mayor, Organised by World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)

This online event took place on 8th March 2021 on International Women’s Day; organized by “World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)” a NGO founded by Dr Abdul Basit Syed, a Global Peace Activist in Croydon. The event was in partnership with Faiths Together in Croydon.

This event delivered the intended effect through a variety of forms such as poetry, art, and music by young kindled hearts aged between 6 and 18, this event had a global outreach from Croydon to UAE, India, Albania, Bangladesh.

The occasion was graced with the presence of “The Worshipful The Mayor of Croydon, Councillor Maddie Henson” as the event Chief Guest.

 She’s Leader was held in accordance to UN Women’s Day Theme “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

The host Ms. Viva Andrada O’Flynn, Global Media Relations Head of WHD, set the tone of women empowerment and leadership for the day.  Dr. Abdul Basit Syed, Founder Chairman of WHD gave the welcome address to Madam Mayor, during his speech he quoted I believe, Equal opportunity for women, is not a gift but a right.

Councilor Maddie Henson delivered the Chief guest address, She covered a wide range of topics from “Where women stand today in leadership roles in Croydon to “Where we want them in upcoming years”. Her words of wisdom and experience are the ones to be remembered and cherished by every little woman who aspires to be the guiding light of their generation. 

An Acapella was performed with heart-warming music on women empowerment from Princess Frederica Primary School.

Then, Councilor Maddie Henson answered student’s questions from WHD academic partner Oasis Academy Coulsdon and the other schools around the world with their burning questions through a Q&A session.  Followed by a poem recital, a showcase of unique artworks by six young artists, and finally a violin performance by young artists.  The Worshipful The Mayor of Croydon, Councilor Maddie Henson applauded the talents of young minds and presented them with her signed appreciation certificate.  Finally, the event concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Eugene Ankomah, Secretary-General of WHD-UK.

On account of not only being such an eventful occasion on such an amazing day, but it also presented the world with a new perspective and energy to fight for women’s rights in leadership.  This event resonates throughout the world from Croydon, and brings about change from even the smallest place possible.