Have your Say! 

We are keen to hear views from the full range of UK faith communities, not only because the Protect Duty is likely to affect many faith centres, but also because we recognise that the needs, priorities and operation of places of worship are often very different to those of other, commercial or public sector publicly accessible locations. We want to ensure the Duty will improve protection for people using faith centres and other publicly accessible locations without being overly burdensome. It’s important that we capture your views, so that we can make sure the Protect Duty works for everyone.

The Protect Duty consultation is separate to the Places of Worship security consultation and the Faith Security training survey you may have responded to. Rather than consulting on Government’s physical security measures and training offerings, the Protect Duty focuses on how public security could be improved through legislation which would provide a certainty of responsibility, and a greater consistency of measures and effect across the whole country.

The consultation can be found at this link:


The consultation closes on 2 July 2021.