Support for the homeless

CR Zero 2020 Project - So what is it?
CRO 2020 is part of a European Campaign to End Street Homelessness. Based similar campaigns in the USA, part of Canada and Australia, several European Cities have come together to look at whether a similar campaign could have an impact in Europe. Croydon is one of the early adopters in this campaign and a group of local organisations have come together to plan it. People involved are:
Evolve – they are the leading provider of accommodation in the borough and lead on the campaign locally.
Crisis – who are opening a Sky Light and see many of the people that we will need to speak to. They provide a volunteer base and a public credibility.
Thames Reach – A pan London provider, they provide outreach service in Croydon and will ensure we can reach our target audience.
Expert Link – will bring the expertise of those experiencing homelessness in Croydon
Homeless Link – the national membership body who will support the organisation, act as critical friend and bring learning from across the country about what works.
London Borough of Croydon – who support this campaign and provide vital links into statutory services.
There will be lots of opportunities for more people to work with us on this as we move forward.
How does it work?
The campaign starts with a group of volunteers working with existing outreach services to get to know the rough sleepers in the local area. They do this by going out onto the streets and talking to people over the course of a week.
At the end of the week the volunteers and other stakeholder come together to look at what we found out. This is more than just data but includes information about the issues that got people to the street and the barriers they experience in getting off the streets.
One of the key characteristics of this way of working is the volunteers and specifically having a range of volunteers from different walks of life. In other cities we have found that by having this experience it helps us to think differently and therefore create different solutions and use resources better.
How can you be involved?
The steering group is planning the work. The steering group includes many services in Croydon. We are now seeking volunteers and to raise awareness. Below is a link for people who are interested and what to volunteer.
Contact for further information:  
Director of Strategy, Partnership and Innovation
Homeless Link
Gateway House | Milverton Street | London SE11 4AP | UK
+44 (0)20 7840 4466 | +44 (0)7956 396 193