Our above annual event takes place on 9 June 2019 and we'd love a huge turnout this year - our 5th.

There are several options to attend:


Visit 4 different places of worship by bicycle (departs from Croydon Sports Arena at 10am or from Smooth Bean Cafe at 10.30am)

Option 2:

Join a motorcycle ride to 'beat the bounds of the borough' departs from Smooth Bean cafe at 10.30am

(both rides end at 2pm at Park Hill Recreation Ground for a free picnic)

Option 3:

Skip the rides and just come along and enjoy the picnic. 

We are pleased to say tht the Muslim Association of Croydon have once again offered to provide some food, although it is nice if people attending can also bring something to share.

There will also be a ’health table’ with information provided by different Croydon organisations and led by the 7th day Adventist community.

Book your space here to give us an idea of catering requirements.

Download a flyer here and help us to spread the word.

09:23, 25 Apr 2019 by Carole Short